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"I believe my love for drawing and painting comes from my inner need to create. It’s a wonderful feeling to be totally engaged in the process of painting and to experience the surprising and delightful results.

I’m proud to share with others."

~Originals and Prints ~
Art may be purchased at various events during the year

Click Images to view Selected Art
Vicki Painting.png
Roscoe & Rowena        16X20 Acrylic_edited.jpg

Animals & Birds

White Rose Twin Fairies, 11 X 14 Watercolor IMG_4816.jpg
Sunflowers & Fruit 16X20 W-C 12-8-2022.jpg

Children & Whimsy

Floral & Still Life

Yosemite Splendor 16X20 Acrylic.jpg


Print Creek Rocks.jpg


Santa Drintks Ale  16X20 Watercolor _50.jpg
Gertrude Schoolhouse #2  16X20 Watercolor .jpg



Queen's Inn 2110.jpg
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